Dear 2019. This is My Letter to You.

This time last year I wrote a letter to 2018. Why not continue the new tradition? So here it is. My letter to 2019 – short, sweet, and full of memories.


Dear 2019,

What a stellar year you were! Thank you. Thanks for being 12 months filled with family, friends, accomplishments, travel, goals, and dreams bigger than I could have ever imagined. Thank you for inspiring me to chase down the life I always hoped for. Thank you for bringing commitment, dance parties, late nights, red wine, lunar eclipses, courage, early days, long drives, hot coffee, celebrations, and love.

Your calendar brought forth more opportunities than I could have ever imagined. Being published in magazines. Spending a month in Australia and a week in Florida. Moving from Colorado to Wisconsin for graduate school. Beach views, wintery views, and of course the land of the most beautiful views.

And the people! My, where would I be without the people. Camp Allegheny lifelong friendships (and weddings!) The Tortellini Thursday crew and Mountain Mafia clan. Our HoneyRock community. My Deer Valley Ranch family. They loved me, shaped me, inspired me, encouraged me, drove me (sometimes up a wall), and were with me. Someone told me once that “with” is the greatest gift you could give someone. I spent so much of 2019 with people that I love. I wouldn’t trade that for the world.

“My life is documented on the pages I keep.”

But, 2019, you saw some hard parts too. The days where the clouds were just too thick and the skies too gray for optimism to peek through. Days where tears were more common than smiles. Weeks and weeks of uncertainty mixed with relentless prayer, hoping, praying, and dreaming of different tomorrows. At the end of it all, however you came with a Companion to guide me through all of it. One who came to us in a lowly stable so long ago. We still remember Him. We still serve Him.

For your reference, 2019, I’m leaving a few things behind. I can’t carry them with me into whatever comes next. They had their place, but now that time has ended. Specifically, I’m leaving you with past feelings of inadequacy in work and relationships. People are enough, no matter who they are or what they bring to the table. People have value. People take priority. People are the Kingdom of God.

Oh, and that little gift of that little ranch in that little town. I’ll never forget you for that. Thank you.

2019, you concluded the most influential decade of my life. You were a gift from Above. All the glory goes to the Source. I’ll miss you, and I’ll miss our memories. But I look forward to seeing what your successor brings to the table.

2020, welcome to the family.




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