Notes from the Northwoods Vol. 2

I always remember college semesters passing by quickly, but the fact that in one month I'll be on my Christmas break from Wheaton/HoneyRock is absolutely ridiculous. Where has the time gone? My 24th birthday has come and gone. The "branches have traded their leaves for white sleeves" and the lakes are freezing over. The horses … Continue reading Notes from the Northwoods Vol. 2

Notes from the Northwoods Vol. 1

For the past year-plus, I've been writing Reflections posts on this site. Partly as an exercise in meeting my deadlines and writing honestly. Partly as an update to friends and family. Partly as a record for future Rebecca to remember these days of being slightly dazed and confused, living a life that's not always laid … Continue reading Notes from the Northwoods Vol. 1

Reflecting on Summer 2019

Every summer begins the same way - an overwhelming sense of excitement mixed with trepidation over how insanely busy summers tend to be. May, June, and July have been filled with early camp mornings, late wedding nights, and everything in between. This summer has been one of the best, even in the midst of sleep … Continue reading Reflecting on Summer 2019

Reflecting on February – 2019

February came and went quickly. I'm tired of winter, especially when it's frigidly cold without snow. I'm preparing for my upcoming Australia trip and wrapping up details at work before I leave. It's a quiet month, and the world feels like it's in hibernation. Updates from Spring Canyon I realized during the last week of … Continue reading Reflecting on February – 2019

Reflecting on January – 2019

I've been reflecting on how 2019 has already been filled with so much love. I started off the new year with a wedding, and seemingly every week was filled with celebrations of love and friendship. It's going to be a good year. During January I wrote and submitted my first article to CCCA's InSite magazine. … Continue reading Reflecting on January – 2019

Reflecting on December – 2018

Christmas is my favorite holiday. I adore the decorating, the preparations, the gift-wrapping, and the chance to see so many of my friends and family. The world is wrapped in white and lights and joy - what's not to love? This was my first Christmas in my apartment in Buena Vista and the first time … Continue reading Reflecting on December – 2018