Reflecting on October – 2018

I love fall – it’s definitely my favorite season. Spiced cider, crisp air, and fires in the hearths. Many of my loved ones have birthdays in the autumn, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, and I enjoy the shorter days that bring people closer together.

October was a quiet month. One of the highlights was going to a lecture about C.S. Lewis at the famed castle at Glen Eyrie. A scholar who has devoted his career to the life and works of Lewis presented his thoughts on Lewis’ “Til We Have Faces” – Lewis himself had stated it was by-far his best novel.  Even though the entire lecture felt like an inside joke I wasn’t privy to, I can’t complain about spending a snowy afternoon in a castle!

Updates from the Canyon

Retreat season at Spring Canyon is winding down (though far from over). In the middle of the month I assisted in the coordination of the Barry/Robertus wedding – my first wedding not held at the Loft. The young couple had been involved in Spring Canyon for years, so it was wonderful to see their families reconnect at a place that was dear to their hearts. I’ve discovered I find great joy in helping people enjoy one of the best days of their lives.

Updates from the Loft Theater

We hosted the last wedding of 2018 on October 13. Now, we’re taking a step back to breathe and regroup after 4 months of non-stop coordinating. Construction on the mezzanine-level rooms and Loft Living Room is going well. We’re hoping to have most of the heavy lifting done by the end of November, and then we’ll jump into finish work and decorating.

Two years ago I never would have guessed I’d be enjoying all of the things I’m doing now at the Loft – decorating for events, hosting swing dancing, planning high teas, etc. It’s funny how new interests, passions, and skills are revealed to us as we work on projects that take us out of our comfort zone.



  • Every month the Officers’ Christian Fellowship releases a “Power in Prayer” list. Consider praying with us throughout the month of November for our troops, conference centers, bases, and families.
  • For productive planning for future travel plans


  • For seemingly random conversations that may lead to new opportunities in the coming months – more details coming soon!
  • Fall colors in Colorado
  • SNOW!

What I’m listening to

What I’m reading

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