Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre’s "Beauty and the Beast"

On Saturday, February 8th my sister and I attended Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre’s performance of Beauty and the Beast with her dance company.  The experience was eye-opening, fascinating, and definitely worthwhile.  The discussion we attended beforehand was quite informational, the scenery was phenomenal, and the talent of the dancers was incredible. The ballet was choreographed by … Continue reading Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre’s "Beauty and the Beast"

Blackfish: SeaWorld’s Downfall

Many children grow up dreaming about visiting SeaWorld, swimming with dolphins, or becoming a whale trainer. The Free Willy and Flipperfranchises, among countless other films and books about intelligent aquatic mammals living in harmony with humans, have sparked a relatively recent international interest in sea life and the oceans they call home. In order to … Continue reading Blackfish: SeaWorld’s Downfall

A Book Worth Reading… The Harbinger

  The events that took place on September 11, 2001, sent shock waves across the globe, and they hit especially hard in my hometown of Shanksville, PA because of the crash of Flight 93.  Even now, 12 years later, many people struggle to understand why such an event occurred.  The Harbinger, written by Jonathan Cahn, … Continue reading A Book Worth Reading… The Harbinger