Where the Wild Things Are – Swimming with Dolphins

"Warning - Potentially life changing.  Certainly life affirming." During my recent trip to Oahu, Hawaii my best friend Stephanie and I had the experience of a lifetime with Wild Side Specialty Tours.  We spent 3 1/2 hours out on the coastal Pacific waters onboard the Island Spirit catamaran with Captain Downing Braley and Head Naturalist … Continue reading Where the Wild Things Are – Swimming with Dolphins

Blackfish: SeaWorld’s Downfall

Many children grow up dreaming about visiting SeaWorld, swimming with dolphins, or becoming a whale trainer. The Free Willy and Flipperfranchises, among countless other films and books about intelligent aquatic mammals living in harmony with humans, have sparked a relatively recent international interest in sea life and the oceans they call home. In order to … Continue reading Blackfish: SeaWorld’s Downfall