Blogging from “Beyond” – Day Two

It’s nearly bedtime on day two of the national conference for the Christian Camp and Conference Association, but I sure am awake and excited by all that’s happening at Lake Buena Vista here in Orlando.

Worship and Bible teaching from Eugene Cho kicked off the morning, as well as inspiring stories from camp professionals who work with children from families at the US/Mexico border. We learned about how camps are leveraging the power of a simple ask to break down government policy, fund new buildings and projects, and create lasting change in their organizations.

I was blessed with the opportunity to speak with Wheaton graduates who direct a camp in Montana that has been in their church denomination for over 60 years. I had the pleasure of meeting with Mark Heasman, the president of Christian Camping International, to talk about how camps across the country can share their stories with one another and be encouraged. My camp worlds collided when Officers’ Christian Fellowship friends and I were able to talk about horsemanship and faith being united together.

Let’s all seek to be Chief Clarity Officers in our work. Let’s be hope-dispensers, courage-builders, connection-makers, and warm hug-givers. Let us pray to understand each other and our generations in better ways. Let’s create beautiful spaces that merge Creation with construction and allow people to come away from the ordinary into the unexpected. Let’s start leading upward in our organizations. Let’s think beyond the ordinary and start expecting God to do extraordinary things in our ministries, for Christ, and for the Kingdom.

“I’m overwhelmed by the amount of humble talent in this room, God. Work through each of us in this circle to surprise and bless the people waiting to be filled up, because they come here so very empty. May our words, our songs, our creativity, our enthusiasm, our production, and our thoughts not belong to us, but to You.” – CCCA

Beyond All Other Moments

  • Have you ever heard of extreme bingo? We play it here at #CCCABeyond!
  • High fives and handshakes extended from one to all
  • Thanking those who have served in camp for over 45 years


*All galactic inspiration, stage designs, and direct quotes courtesy of CCCA. The term “Chief Clarity Officer” was taken from a session taught by Brad Lomenick.


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