An Incomplete List of Gratitude

An incomplete list of the things I am thankful for, in no particular order

  1. God, who is my Provider
  2. My mother, who has given me more than anyone else and is the wisest woman I know.
  3. My family, and the roots we have across the country.
  4. My sister, who’s far more talented and skilled than I will ever be. I’m lucky to have her.
  5. Friends who are willing to travel with me
  6. Friends who love to stay in one place
  7. Friends who I can always call
  8. Friends who are lifelong pen pals
  9. Friends who have turned into family
  10. The friends I’ll someday meet
  11. Horses, and how they’ve changed my life
  12. Teachers, mentors, leaders, and advisors
  13. Deer Valley Ranch
  14. The barns that have built me
  15. Monet (what a lovable elephant-horse)
  16. Hot coffee (black, please and thank you)
  17. My Bible
  18. Laughter = carbonated Holy Spirit
  19. Watching the snow fall from behind a picture window, with a crackling fireplace nearby
  20. Pickup trucks and oilskin coats that make braving the weather possible
  21. Solid-built old houses
  22. Frozen ponds
  23. Mountain views
  24. Dirt roads
  25. Fiery little fuzzy red ponies
  26. College, rounds one and two
  27. Books
  28. Education
  29. Decorated bookshelves
  30. Warm woolen socks
  31. Hirt House Hour (and hours and hours)
  32. Interstate highways and full tanks of gas
  33. Brick buildings
  34. Public libraries
  35. Leather
  36. FaceTime technology
  37. Christmas gifts
  38. Worship music
  39. Blueberry muffins
  40. No less than 4 pillows on beds
  41. Cowboy boots
  42. National Geographic magazines
  43. Live music
  44. A well-decorated wedding
  45. The feeling of satisfaction that comes after building something
  46. Barns full of sweet hay
  47. Aviator sunglasses
  48. The Power of Camp
  49. Australian beaches
  50. Train rides
  51. Aux cords in cars
  52. The miracle of flight
  53. Journals that capture my life’s story
  54. Summer drives with the windows down
  55. Colorful parrots
  56. US Military
  57. Koala bear hugs
  58. Winter drives all bundled up
  59. Nalgene water bottles
  60. Ferry rides
  61. Spotify playlists – the soundtrack of my life
  62. CCCA and CCI
  63. The places I’ve called home, and all the places that will become my home
  64. Teams who wash fish dishes together, stick together
  65. Dreams, schemes, and “puppet mastery”
  66. The comfort of knowing a piece of land like the back of your hand
  67. Downhill skiing
  68. Driving a wagon
  69. Levi’s jeans
  70. Chess boards
  71. Red wine
  72. Artists and their work
  73. My favorite bands
  74. NASA and their telescopes
  75. Matches and dry firewood
  76. Coffee mugs with character
  77. Sharp Ticonderoga pencils
  78. Microsoft Word
  79. Photo albums & scrapbooks
  80. Spur of the moment decisions
  81. Photography
  82. North Carolina waterfalls
  83. Lists



Photo Credit: Jonathan Shea

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