Reflecting on Summer 2019

Every summer begins the same way – an overwhelming sense of excitement mixed with trepidation over how insanely busy summers tend to be. May, June, and July have been filled with early camp mornings, late wedding nights, and everything in between. This summer has been one of the best, even in the midst of sleep deprivation and high doses of caffeine.

I’ve met incredible friends who could work on my team any day – they’re part of the camp #DreamTeam, and I look forward to seeing how God brings our paths back together someday.

Updates from Spring Canyon

I spent my second summer at Spring Canyon managing the front office and working with a great team of people who traveled from across the country to serve at camp. Camp life is weird, there’s no other way to explain it. Where else can you wholeheartedly celebrate Christmas in July, encourage Californian friends to go puddle jumping for the first time, and treat going to the post office as an exciting field trip?

Whether the days are good, bad, or indifferent, camp life is lived together. Camp life is challenging, frustrating, and awe-inspiring. Camp life is a microcosm of true Christian community. Camp life is wild and wonderful, and I can’t imagine my life without it.

Updates from The Loft

We’re nearly finished with construction! (I know, I’ve been saying that for months.) The floor in the Loft Living Room is complete, and now we just have to work on refinishing the main floor and tying up all the loose ends (sheetrock texture touch-ups, repainting a few sections, lighting fixtures, etc.)

Our second wedding season is going splendidly, and I’m proud to say that we have never had a bride have an unhappy experience with our company. We’re hiring amazing new people who love to serve others and throw a good party, all at the same time. We have 12 weddings booked between August and September, so our team is gearing up for a busy fall.

Oh, my dear friend Uriah (owner of the Loft) is working on an exciting, huge new project. More to come… (she says expectantly).

I could fill pages more with my thoughts on the past few months. And I will. But for now, I’m just relishing the final few weeks of summer.

The sun sets on another Colorado summer.



  • That the right people would join the Loft team at the right time
  • For strength and energy for the Loft and Spring Canyon teams in their busy fall seasons


  • For friends that have turned into family
  • For Colorado bluebird summer days
  • For having the time to read more this summer
  • For God’s grace and love that supports all of us, even in the difficult days

What I’m listening to

  • My HoneyRock playlist
  • The Oh Hellos
  • Elevation Church sermons, check out “When the Battle Chooses You”
  • The Bros. Landreth
  • The Head and the Heart
  • Vampire Weekend

What I’m watching

  • Game of Thrones final seasons (that deserves a post all to itself)

What I’m reading

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