Reflecting on April – 2019

Spring in the Rockies has a certain state to it. The smell of damp ground (but not the same as wet, rich soil.) The crisp mountain air not quite touched by morning dew, but not as arid as usual, either. Brewing coffee from the Roastery and bread from Loback’s. The alpenglow on the Collegiate Peaks. Colorado is making me love springtime. (But let’s not forget the early spring snow storms that catch us all off guard.)

This month I had articles published in both Command and Insite magazines (the former is produced by the Officers’ Christian Fellowship and the latter is the periodical for Christian Camp and Conference Association.) Having my writing out there for the world to see, attached to the name of organizations that mean a lot to me, is scary and a bit surreal. I still feel like a poser when I answer with “I’m a writer” when people ask what I do for a living. But I sure do like seeing my name in bylines!

Updates from Spring Canyon

Our Spring Canyon team is together. We wash dishes together. We pow wow in offices together. We serve together. We worship and pray and study the Word together. We’re preparing for summer together. And every day we fight for our joy – together.

Updates from The Loft

The Loft’s bridal suite, groom’s room, and upstairs bathroom are coming along quite nicely. We’re so close to being done, and yet when I take a look at our to-do list it’s a bit overwhelming. We have texture and paint to finish, floors to clean, finish work to – ahem – finish, and rooms to decorate. But we’ll get there. Hopefully sooner rather than later.




  • For wisely wrapping up the summer hiring season at Spring Canyon
  • For strength as we gear up for summer camp and wedding season


  • For Monday Mountain Mafia and Tortellini Thursday dinners

What I’m listening to

What I’m watching

  • Season 3 of This is Us
  • Game of Thrones seasons 3 and 4

What I’m reading

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