Reflecting on February – 2019

February came and went quickly. I’m tired of winter, especially when it’s frigidly cold without snow. I’m preparing for my upcoming Australia trip and wrapping up details at work before I leave. It’s a quiet month, and the world feels like it’s in hibernation.

Updates from Spring Canyon

I realized during the last week of February that it was this week in 2018 when I first stepped foot at Spring Canyon. Through the power of mutual friends and well-worded emails, I was able to volunteer at the CCCA Rocky Mountain Sectional conference for a few days last February. Little did I know that it would soon turn into a job offer and a community of people that I’m proud to call my friends.

A coworker and I attended a two-day marketing workshop at the OCF home office in Denver this month. We collaborated with home office staff, field ministry representatives, and staff from our sister conference center, White Sulphur Springs, in Pennsylvania. We brainstormed ideas for how to create a consistent message between our three locations, as well as how to solve the common problems that plague conference centers. We’re looking forward to seeing the progress that we’ll make as a result of the workshop.

Updates from The Loft

It’s been a quiet month at the Loft Theater as well. We’ve been working on finalizing the second story rooms, and we finally got electric and water upstairs! It’s coming along nicely. We hosted a masquerade ball event for local Clearview Church and booked quite a few couples for the summer and fall 2019 seasons.




  • For safe travels to and fro in Australia
  • For inspiring conversations with new camping friends abroad


  • For the opportunity to chase after this dream of seeing the land Down Under

What I’m listening to

What I’m watching

  • The Man From Snowy River – I have to get psyched for Australia!

What I’m reading

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