Reflecting on November – 2018

November is my second favorite month of the entire year (closely following December!) It’s filled with shorter days and longer nights, both perfect for cozy evenings at home with a good book and a hot cup of coffee. It’s also when I start to reflect on the past year’s goals, accomplishments, dreams, and lessons. In the midst of all this introspection, my friends and I still found time to attend trivia nights at a local tap house, learn the dance style of west coast swing, and stay up far too late talking about what the upcoming New Year may hold for each of us.

I celebrated my second Thanksgiving in Colorado by hosting “Friendsgiving.” We were each away from our families and longstanding traditions, but it didn’t make it any less filled with joy and gratitude. And I didn’t scorch the turkey, so I’d definitely count this holiday as a success!

I celebrated my 23rd birthday on November 3rd, and I can confidently say this past trip around the sun has been my best yet. I’m so thankful for how God has changed my life since moving to Colorado, and I can’t wait to see what He has in store for me in this 23rd year.

My dear friend Melissa traveled to Colorado again (she visited for the first time in March) and we enjoyed a low-key weekend together. We enjoy a friendship that can be picked up again right where we left it, and she often knows me better than I know myself.

Former co-workers from Spring Canyon told me about their involvement in the Stoa homeschool debate association, and I had the opportunity to spend a day in Colorado Springs judging their debates.

Updates from Spring Canyon

November was quite possibly the quietest month for Spring Canyon since the spring. We enjoyed much-needed time off from hosting retreat groups, with our team traveling home to enjoy Thanksgiving with friends and family.

Updates from the Loft Theater

The Loft continues to host swing dancing events every other Tuesday, and we’re looking forward to growing our dancing community in 2019. We made preparations for the Christmas season and will hopefully be passing our final inspections for the mezzanine level and Loft Living Room in early December.



  • Every month the Officers’ Christian Fellowship releases a “Power in Prayer” list. Consider praying with us throughout the month of November for our troops, conference centers, bases, and families.
  • For productive planning for future travel plans


  • For a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with friends
  • For another wonderful visit with my best friend from high school

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