Reflecting on September – 2018

If anything, these blog posts can serve as an external memory of all the amazing experiences I’ve had over the past month. I read a quote quite a few weeks ago that explained,

“We can either be living life or writing about it.”

So in an effort to live in the moment, rather than trying to frame it as a journal entry, my personal an online writing has fallen by the wayside. Here’s to finding a balance between the two.

September saw the earliest stages of the changing leaves, a brisker morning air, and a calmness in the Ark Valley that we haven’t seen since April – some of us may have even almost forgotten it exists.

My best friend Steph kicked off the start of September with me, and we managed to accomplish 90% of the adventures in the tri-county area in just a few short days. It had been since the summer of 2016 that we spent any prolonged period of time together, and I’m so blessed by her continued friendship, support, and encouragement.

When I dropped Steph off at the airport I picked up another dear friend from my very first summer on staff at Camp Allegheny. Kristen and I checked Estes Park off my Colorado bucket list (and the skies welcomed her to the West with a magnificent hailstorm.) During her time in Buena Vista, we hiked Ruby Mountain, experienced Independence Pass at its windiest, found an adorable bookshop in Aspen, and of course went horseback riding. There’s something special about a friendship that can pick right back up where we left it, even after 5 years. 

If you recall from a previous post, the Silver Creek fire has been immediately threatening Latigo Ranch for quite a few weeks now. In the middle of September fire conditions forced the second evacuation, and my fellow wrangler from Deer Valley Ranch, Tricia, stayed with me while they formed a containment plan. It was during this time we finished what we had started on New Year’s Eve in 2017 – we summited Mt. Princeton. We camped under the stars, we reveled in the sunrise, and we saw so much land spread out before us. I have been staring at Mt. Princeton since the moment I drove into this small town, and I’m so glad we finally tackled the challenge.

“Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb.” -Greg Child

The 5th annual BV Strong dinner was held on the third Monday of the month, and it was even more lovely than last year’s. To hear more on this event, be sure to check out this post. 

I was also blessed with the opportunity to sell my trusty Chevy Cobalt – the car that got me to college, spring break trips, and my move West – and purchase a Dodge Dakota 4×4, ticking another 2018 goal off the to-do list. Does this mean I’m officially on my way to becoming a rancher with a solid horse, a good dog, and an old pickup? 

Updates from the Loft and Spring Canyon

I find myself settling into the routine of autumn. I’m at Spring Canyon much more frequently than I had been during the summer, and it’s been a joy to get to know the team as we serve in the Kingdom together. From fall celebration dinners to drive-in movie field trips, it sure has been nice building another community of fellow believers. 

Our calendar full of fall retreats at the Canyon is a force to be reckoned with. While it’s wonderful seeing hundreds of people pass through our lodges and leave refreshed and restored, it will surely take a toll on our team if we’re not carefully seeking out our own rest.

Wedding season has slowed down considerably at the Loft Theater. During this gap in events, before the winter wedding upswell, we’re finally able to start construction on the mezzanine-mezzanine-level bridal suite and groom’s room. Our optimistic timeline has the final construction done by Thanksgiving, and we may feel as though the space isn’t filled with as much random equipment and tools. It’s been exciting watching it all come together, and I’m so glad to be working with a great team. 





  • For Latigo’s second fire evacuation
  • For the Spring Canyon team as we labor together during a busy retreat season
  • That construction at the Loft goes smoothly, free of permit/inspection roadblocks
  • For rest after a busy month


  • For a successful and safe summit of Mt. Princeton
  • For the growth and progress being made at Spring Canyon
  • For wonderful refugee friends and the time spent with them, even if it’s under difficult circumstances

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What I’m reading

One thought on “Reflecting on September – 2018

  1. Thank you for all generally inspirational pictures and prose lol. Just kidding, I find myself looking forward to your monthly summations 🙂


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