Reflecting on July – 2018

Honestly, I’m still not sure what the point of this blog is going to be quite yet. Travel posts? Simple general life updates? Photos of visits with friends? Surely there’s enough room out there for a generically inspirational personal blog.

July seemed to have flown by faster than all the other months in 2018. It’s been strange not serving at a camp full time, but I’ve enjoyed late summer nights at concerts, traveling to visit friends, and reading on the patios at the cutest mountain town coffee shops.

Updates from the Loft and Spring Canyon

Our programmed weeks at Spring Canyon wrapped up on July 28. Being connected to a ministry this summer has been a joy, even if I’m only there in a part-time, support staff role. The directors even own two personal horses that I’ve been able to ride semi-regularly. Both mares know more than I do, so it makes for a great learning experience!

Summertime is wedding season, so we’ve been exceptionally busy at the Loft. I never thought I would enjoy wedding planning and running events as much as I do. Seeing everyone’s faces light up when they see the decorated space, and exceeding everyone’s expectations when we execute a seamless wedding, have become favorite parts of the job. I have my first wedding to coordinate scheduled for late January 2019, and it’s a welcomed new challenge.


I had the opportunity to volunteer with the BV Heritage Society on Independence Day. I’m fairly certain that if they weren’t already in the parade, the entire town’s population lined the streets to watch. The level of Hallmark-esque qualities in this town is remarkable.

Celebrating Christmas in July means that there are only 5 more months until my favorite holiday! Small town Christmas parades, an abundance of string lights, good books and hot coffee, snowy mountain summits, and all things festive. Is it too early to start a countdown?

July also brought a second Keith Urban concert (he sounds better live and knows how to throw a great party) and a trip to Austin, Texas (PSA: visiting Texas in July is not the greatest idea unless you enjoy 109-degree weather). My best friend from high school and former Forensics teammates traveled from PA and we spent a long weekend exploring Austin.

By far the highlight of the trip was touring Space Center Houston/Johnson Space Center. We were able to take a tram tour of the secure JSC facility and see the Apollo-era Mission Control building, the training sites for Space Shuttle missions, the last remaining flight-certified Saturn V rocket, President Kennedy’s podium from when we chose to go to the moon, and more exhibits than anyone can see in one day.

While I may not be actively pursuing my dream of being a NASA scientist, I can at least live vicariously by visiting the museums and sites that are across the country! Out of all the NASA visitor sites, I’ve checked off the following so far:

  1. Kennedy Space Center in FL (trip planned for November 2018!)
  2. Space Center Houston in TX (July 2018)
  3. Virginia Air & Space Center (Summer 2010)
  4. Smithsonian Udvar-Hazy Center (Summer 2016)
  5. Smithsonian Air & Space Museum (Summer 2016)

Only about a dozen sites left to go!



  • For guidance as I begin to plan international volunteer opportunities
  • That my first query letter for a publication is received and accepted


  • The Weston Pass wildfire is 100% contained!
  • A safe and fun reunion trip in Austin

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