Reflecting on March – 2018

March was fueled by a determination to get things done and countless cups of coffee. Between balancing ranch life, side jobs, personal projects, and visits with friends March passed even more quickly than I thought it could.

As of the 28th, I moved into my new apartment on East Main Street in Buena Vista. It’s been a tremendous blessing to live in my first (non-collegiate) apartment and be right in the center of BV happenings. Now begins the task of unpacking all of my books (quite the feat when you have a great head start on a personal library!) This move feels monumental. Even though it hardly spans a distance of 15 miles, it marks a shift in the way I think about my life and my goals.

Spring is aching to break through in the Ark Valley. It’s been a dry winter, which raises concerns for both wildfires and drought. The lack of moisture may also impact the valley’s whitewater rafting industry, an economic staple for our little tourist-driven mountain town. Hopefully, April will bring late-winter storms that replenish the aquifers and cover the summits in snow.

Far-flung friends fancy a field trip

(ICYMI alliterations are my favorite!)

March was filled with hosting friends from Pennsylvania. My best friend from high school spent a long weekend here and I was able to show her some of the most exciting Colorado attractions in the tri-county area. I also got to check an item off my bucket list – seeing ski joring in person! The festival was held in Leadville from March 2-4 and if you can imagine high-adrenaline horseback riding and ski stunts combined, that’ll give you a great picture of the exciting festival.

Slippery Rock friends Minnie & Jake spent their spring break in Colorado and they spent their days hiking and exploring the Ark Valley areas. Night rappelling, a visit to the Lariat, and of course the BV Roastery were all in order. Minnie & I met through the Slippery Rock Western Equestrian Team and I was so glad to see her and show her my new home.

An old friend from Camp Allegheny was road tripping across the country and when she stopped in Colorado Springs we met for lunch. It was amazing to reminisce about our former camp glory days and talk about what changes the Lord has brought into our lives since then.

I’m looking forward to visits from more friends and family in the coming months.

Updates from Deer Valley Ranch

Our online booking system went live in early March, as did the website so carefully prepared by our friends the Livelys. I spent much of March refining the booking system and drafting blog posts that will be released in the coming weeks.

There’s an exciting new project being completed at Deer Valley Ranch starting in April. A documentary geared at pairing together at-risk youth and unbroken mustangs will be filmed at the ranch from April 15 to June 15, and we’re excited to see the impact this film has on our team and the lives of the youths that will be staying with us for the coming weeks.


  • That the Ark Valley area would receive much-needed rain and snow
  • That my new home would be a place of joy and refreshment for all visitors


  • For my new apartment!
  • That many friends traveled safely to Colorado

What I’m listening to

What I’m reading

 What I’m watching

  • Mountain documentary – seeks to explain the siren call of the summits
  • Serena film – Set in the Carolinas, (spoiler alert) Jennifer Lawrence plays a crazy woman and nearly everyone dies in the end

Who I’m supporting

WLD Ranch, a CCCA horsemanship and youth camp in Girard, PA, recently lost one of their bunkhouses to a fire. They’re in the midst of rebuilding and could use any support you’re willing to offer. Even with current donations and insurance funds, they’re still in need of approximately $94,000 in order to finish construction before their summer 2018 season begins. Check out their Following the Fire updates and prayerfully consider donating to the cause.

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